KUMARE (pronounced koo-mah-reh) - “Mare” for short; Tagalog; a term of endearment for female friend. Similar to Spanish - comadre (co-mother or godmother).

KUMARE CIRCLES are meet-ups/gatherings hosted and facilitated by entrepinays with guidance from Entrepinayship. You don’t need to be an expert event planner or facilitator, but be willing to organize and gather a small group at your place of business, a local coffee shop, at your home, or a space that would be conducive to authentic connections. Whether it’s a Skillshop (where you share your own expertise to support your kumares), Conversation, Co-Working, know that we appreciate you willing to share your time to foster community locally.

Meet-ups are focused on fostering connections with each other. If you’re considering a workshop or activity, here are the 3 areas we focus on:
Business Skills
Personal Development

Interested in hosting one? Email us at hello@entrepinayship.com to learn more.


Past Kumare Circles


kUmare circle - galentines/wellness

host: sara meredith of kaya essentials in santa monica, california

Yoga + Circle + Connections